Self Taught Designer, My Story

I would like to share my story about how I came about starting a graphic, and now web design company as a self taught designer.

My formal education is only from high school and a couple of computer classes at a technical community college. Since then I have taken many courses in design, typography, photography, HTML, Adobe Creative Suite, etc., etc. When I worked for a manufacturer of professional nail products, I learned about package design. The production of the packaging was fascinating to me, and I started researching the world of design and printing.

At the time, many moons ago, before computers and Adobe Creative Suite, the designing was quite different than today. First the actual ideas were put down on paper through sketching and drawing, then measuring with a real ruler started and last, the cutting and pasting. Imagine making a mistake of a couple of pics and having to lift the pasted art and move it, one half pica to the left!

And let’s not forget about that research, it wasn’t on the internet because there wasn’t one. It was catalogs, magazines, product magazines, books, etc., where the research began, still love that too, though. I know this sounds like your grandparents and great grandparents that had to walk 100 miles just to go to school! Well, maybe not that bad!

Becoming a self taught designer took hard work and determination, not anymore than 4 years of a college education, I’m sure. It was certainly a hands on education. Working closely with printers provided a wealth of information for me, learning about the printing plates, registration, trapping, color, and layout. I loved going on press and still do.

Through my natural creativity and huge line of artists in my family, I knew it was the right choice for me. My family is full of painters, sketchers, watercolorists, crafters, and so on. We were all blessed with some type of creative talent which was my head-start as a self taught designer.