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Professional Design:

What is professional design? When Louis Armstrong was asked to define jazz, he replied, “You’ll know it when you hear it.” Well that’s the short answer to what professional design is all about. Quality graphic design is not about razzle dazzle, it is about communication. It must complement the content which defines your business and convey your message visually. In addition to conveying information, our graphic design supports your business image. The investment you make in quality design, is an investment in your visual identity. In an over-communicated world, a compelling visual design distinguishes an organization and quickly and clearly communicates its message.

Responsive Web Design:

Responsive web design is used in creating websites to provide an optimal viewing experience in all device sizes. With the many device sizes on the market today, we strive for responsive design in all our sites. Our sites complement the viewing environment and experience by using fluid, proportion-based grids and flexible images. It is very important today to have a responsive website, nearly 80% of websites are viewed on mobile devices. At 4Direction Design we strive for our clients to have the best website for their business. Creating responsive web design with the WordPress platform will achieve the best results. If your current site cannot be viewed on mobile devices such as phones and tablets, you need to contact us today!

Content Management:

Building a powerful web site is all about the delivery of accessible, quality content. Even the best graphic design will fail if it overlays poorly written copy which is buried beneath layers of clumsy navigation. Our initial work may present your site navigation map and content devoid of graphics. This is intentional. We want you to focus on content and flow to ensure the accuracy of your message. Once again, we will collaborate with you on this step. Only an outsider will be impartial, feel free to ask questions and play the devil’s advocate — all necessary to develop powerful content and complimentary navigation flow.

Graphic Art & Printing:

Our services are not all about the web. We offer graphic design and printing needs as well. Our services include graphic design for business cards, logos, letterhead, brochures, annual reports, product brochures, marketing packages, advertising, wedding packages, and digital and/or offset printing.