Designing websites has come a long way, from only a few years ago. Static websites vs responsive websites, the decision basically has been made for us when we consider the statistics of consumers using mobile devices today. Since mobile devices are replacing desktop devices in internet searches, it’s all too important not to have your site appear in a search as a static site. Responsive websites do just that they appear in a search readable on every mobile device whether it be a phone, tablet, or laptop. It’s not just about adapting to the layout of many devices, it’s also about image resolution adapting to the environment as well. A static website is limited when it comes to viewing on a mobile device. The user must zoom and scroll which can be frustrating when you want information now. Forbes recently reported that 55% of consumer time spent on e-commerce sites were from a smart phone or tablet device.* With that being said, the necessity of a responsive site is even more important for the end user.