Floral Burgundy Gold

Beautiful Crystal Invitation double mounted on Racing Green then Glitter Gold all wrapped up in a Crystal Pocket Folder.

Floral Burgundy Gold

Imperial Blue reverse type mounted to Mirror Gold in Crystal Pocket, Stunning!

Floral Burgundy Gold

Cobalt Blue and Ice White with Laser Belly Band

Floral Burgundy Gold

Silver, White, Mirror Silver and Glitter Silver

Floral Burgundy Gold

Floral with Glitter Gold, Ice Pearl and Burgundy

Copper and Cream Puff with black and Copper Foil

White and Black with Crystal paper

White and Black with Gold Foil

Floral Burgundy Gold

Beautiful Racing green laser slide in card mounted to Mirror Gold

Floral Burgundy Gold

Floral with Cream Puff, Burgundy and Misty rose

Hand painted Watercolor Greenery with Gold Foil

Racing Green, Mirror Gold, Cream Puff and Vellum

Wood grain pocket folder with Bronze and watercolor

Custom design with gold and black


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